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Skyline basketball finds michael kors watches replica michael kors watches replica inspiration in a freshman "Your kids can do things that you never expected," says Prafulla Reddy when asked about his son Anshu. Anshu is a freshman at Skyline and was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. "Autism is like a thing that takes you away from your normal life," says the well spoken 14-year-old. Yet despite his challenges, Anshu he was dete michael kors watches replica rmined to go out for basketball this michael kors watches replica year. It's a sport he's played since he was 4. michael kors watches replica "When he decided to go for basketball, it was like Don Quixote chasing windmills," recalls Prafulla. "You see the skill level of these other kids [and think] how is he ever going to cope with it" Not only did Anshu cope with it, he was asked to practice with the varsity and double as team manager. "He was just over the moon," says Prafulla, remembering the day .. so happy that day." "I thought he would be a great example for the rest of the kids," says head coach Michael Peterson. "For them to understand that when life is difficult, just look around you and see other people that are going through thin michael kors watches replica gs that most people don't understand." How's this for an example: Anshu never missed a practice, a team function, or a game. "We have requirements in general," says Coach Peterson, "He's met or exceeded them regardless of the limitations that other people feel that he has." Which is why Anshu's name was called during a varsity game near the end of the season. Recalls his father, "Suddenly I heard the crowd talking about Anshu and he went in michael kors watches replica and I was like, my mouth was open and I didn't know what was going on at that time." "When the crowd was chanting and my assistant coach was nudging me, I had to put him in," says his coach. "I was planning on putting him in. It was a very special moment." "It was like a miracle coming in there," Anshu says with a smile. An exhilarating and inspiring moment for all who were there. "I remember him flying in, he got his arms extended," says senior teammate Tyler Wright. "He ran right by the scorers table. He pulled a shot, he crossed a couple kids over. It was just the greatest feeling to actually get him in the game." "Makes me feel great," says Anshu. "[I'm] grateful for my teammates and my coaches. I thank them a lot."