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Love Thyself as Thy Neighbor michael kors outlet store online shopping Life 101 Love T michael kors outlet store online shopping hyself as Thy Neighbor By Coach Cary Bayer During a recent coaching session that I was giving to a relatively new client, who had come to me for creating breakthroughs in her relationships, told me that the highest thought she tries to live by is Jesus's commandment to "Love thy neighbor as thyself." A couple of millennia after that injunction was first put forth on our planet, it's still being carried out-you'll pardon the expression-religiously. The second part of his expression (as thyself), I believe, is implied, but was being overlooked by my client, because she was letting others walk all over her. She, like most people, was treating her neighbors much kinder than she did herself. This is very common among people. I remember, as a small boy, wondering why guests always dined on our fine china, while the rest of my family and I ate on the every-day, second-rate stuff all year round. The reason michael kors outlet store online shopping michael kors outlet store online shopping , of course, was simple: my parents, like tens of millions of others like them in their generation, treated their neighbors better than they did themselves. It was as if they had understood Jesus's commandment to mean, "Love thy neighbor better than thou love thyself." Not much has changed from those days as far as treating our neighbors better than we treat ourselves. I'm not suggesting that you treat yourself better than you treat your neighbor; but it's high time that you treat yourself at least as well as you treat him or her. So, on a practical level, what does that mean, you askHere are a few of my suggestions: 1. Break out the fine china tonight to feed your family (or yourself, if you live alone). 2. Send yourself some flowers or some fine chocolates. (You do just that, most likely, for your loved one on Valentine's Day. Remember: you, too, are your loved one.) This recommendation of treating yourself better is grounded advice. But it applies equally seven miles off the ground. Every time you fly on an airplane, you hear a similar piece of advice from the flight attendant. She reminds michael kors outlet store online shopping you that, in case of emergency, you should put on your oxygen mask first before putting on the mask of your child. Is michael kors outlet store online shopping that because you're selfish and you want to save your ow michael kors outlet store online shopping n skin firstHardly. It's recognition on the part of the Civil Aeronautics Board that, to be effective, you have to have your own house in order before you can help anyone else. The same principle applies to love. Self-love comes before the love of another. Without self-love, and the high self-esteem that comes with it, your ability to love another is restricted. With self-love, love can overflow much more easily. After all, how could you possibly love another if you don't love yourselfLove comes from a full heart; if your heart is already full, it's natural to love yourself, as well. * * * Cary Bayer is a Life Coach who conducts a national private practice from his two offices: by the ocean in south Florida (954-788-3380) and in the mountains of Ne