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Biography Nancy Walker Nancy Walker may be remembered as the stereotypical Jewish mother michael kors outlet estero fl on the 1970s television series " Rhoda ," but she enjoyed a successful career which spanned five decades and included Broadway, movies, television and directing. She even made a few recordings of her work in musicals. Nancy Walker was born Anna Myrtle Swoyer on May 10, 1922 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.She was the daughter of vaudeville comedian Dewey Barto, half of the comic duo Barto and Mann. Her mother died shortly after younger sister Betty Lou was born and their father took the girls with him on the road. Both girls ended up working in show business: Betty Lou was a singer and Anna Myrtle, renamed Nancy Walker, became an actress, first appearing on Broadway at age nineteen in Best Foot Forward. When Best Foot Forward was picked up by MGM studio, Walker was signed to a contract and appeared in the movie version.More movies followed, including Girl Crazy " and Broadway Rhythm ." Standing only 411, she was not a leading lady, but was frequently cast as the funny, wisecracking, supporting character. It was during this time that Walker married her first husband, Gar Moore, in 1948. The marriage lasted less than a year and they we michael kors outlet estero fl re divorced in 1949. She met her second husband, theater and vocal coach David Craig, when she lost h michael kors outlet estero fl er voice while appearing on Broadway in Look Ma, Im Dancing.They married in 1951 and they would stay together until her death.Together they had one child, a daughter named Miranda Craig. During the 1950s and 1960s Walker began appearing on television, having guest starring roles in a wide variety of shows including The Red Skelton Hour , Family Affair , and The Tab Hunter Show . In 1971, she became well known to television audiences for her role as Mildred the housekeeper on McMillan and Wife .Th michael kors outlet estero fl is show ran from 1971 until 1976.During this time, she also appeared as the wise-cracking Jewish mother Ida Morganstern on four episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show .When the character of Rhoda was spun off into her own show, Ida Morganstern went with michael kors outlet estero fl michael kors outlet estero fl her. Rhoda aired from 1974 until 1978. Walker left the show during the 1976-1977 television season, briefly starring in her own show, The Nancy Walker Show . This show didnt last long and she was soon returned to the role of Ida Morganstern for the final season of Rhoda.She was also seen on Bounty Paper Towel commer michael kors outlet estero fl cials from 1970 until 1990 playing Rosie, the waitress. It was during this time that Walker began directing television shows such as Rhoda, " Alice ," and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.She directed one feature length film, 1980s Cant Stop the Music .This campy musical starred Bruce Jenner and The Village People was a box office failure and the only movie she ever directed, but it has become a cult classic. After making several television appearances in the 1980s, she began her final television series True Colors in 1990.While working on True Colors Walker wa