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Gillis's choice of sizzle over safety in new Canucks coach is consistent with hi Photograph by: Darryl Dyck , The Canadian Press One tends not to want to write opinion pieces on reports, but if in fact John Tortorella is to become the new head coach of the Canucks as reports are suggesting, it certainly provides some entertainment value as well as a badly needed injection of emotion into the Vancouver dressing room. Tortorella is most certainly a considerable change from Alain Vigneault in many ways, because the team goes from an almost detached coach to one who is in your face and very involved in just about everything. And that can be good, although it's considerably more high-risk than what the Rangers are doing in going from the in-your-face type to michael kors outlet ac the more re michael kors outlet ac laxed AV -- particularly if you have a veteran laden team. Given the high number of players very close to 30 or over here, this move on the part of general manager Mike Gillis and ownership is a genuine gamble that could reap significant rewards or land them out of the playoffs in the newly realigned NHL. No longer will the team have the luxury of competing against mostly teams in the sad-sack Northwest Division to land an automatic third-place in the Western playoffs like they had last season. So if this gamble doesn't work and work quickly, Gillis is clearly gambling his job, but that is very consistent with what he's all about, t michael kors outlet ac o say nothing of the push from the highly charged and recently disgruntled ownership. Gillis didn't get into this business to make money or to hang onto his job as michael kors outlet ac long as possible so as to make as much money as possible. He has numerous other ways to go about that. He took the job in Vancouver to win a Stanley Cup, period. And given the Vancouver window may be shutting with the Sedins and many others getting older, this move is entirely consistent with trying to give it one last try at winning. What's disturbing about the hire is that the Vigneault team failed the last two seasons during the playoffs because the team couldn't score. Tortorella lost his job in New York because his team couldn't score in the playoffs, too. So in that way, this coaching switch is equally disturbing for both fan bases. Here's what else is somewhat troubling. When Vigneault was fired, Gillis and his sidekick Laurence Gilman couldn't say enough good things about him as he left. In New York, Tortorella was basically on the receiving end of a couple of shots from Rangers GM Glen Sather who, granted, at 69 could be getting a little dotty. But whether y michael kors outlet ac ou believe him or not, Sather, who has always loved the michael kors outlet ac offensive game going back to his glory years with the Edmonton Oilers, says the game has changed back essentially and that you can't be dumping the puck in all the time the way the Rangers were -- a style Gillis himself finds appallingly dull. The Vancouver G michael kors outlet ac M loves the fundamentals that Tortorella brings to the job. After all, the man has