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Roles of a Coach Manager Other People Are Reading Investigators Among the prin michael kors handbags for cheap cipal roles of a coach manager is the role of investigator. In order to increase the performance of employees, coach michael kors handbags for cheap managers must ask questions related to the types of work being performed, challenges of performing the work, and possible solutions to get results. Effective coach managers attempt to get employees to talk as much as possible to assemble the kinds of information needed. In this same way, coach managers also employ similar tactics with employers and administrators. Motivators Another role of a coach manager is as motivator. Since businesses hire or utilize coach managers to get better results out of a employe michael kors handbags for cheap es, these individuals must be excellent motivators. By focusin michael kors handbags for cheap g on subjects such as purpose, trust and responsibility, coach managers appeal to many of the issues, such as low morale and lethargy, that prevent employees from performing well and reaching co michael kors handbags for cheap mpany goals. Similarly, in meetings with management personnel and administrators, coach managers may employ strategies to reduce the blame management lays upon employees in favor of focusing specifically on solutions to the problems faced. In both scenarios, coach managers help companies by identifying meaning and purpose in addition to painting a future for success. Counselor Because it is the duty of coach managers to find out why employees are not performing up to expectations, they have to place themselves in the role of counselor. Though counseling takes a secondary role to coaching, coach managers must attempt to understand the personal and professional problems of those whose lives they are hoping to impact-----at least on a prof michael kors handbags for cheap essional level. In spite of the problems expressed by employees----and even management personnel, coach managers must continue to emphasize solutions and results over problems. According to human resources expert and author, Bar michael kors handbags for cheap bara Mitchell, "coaching should precede counseling." They must also eschew problems or incidents in the past to focus on the future and also help individuals put aside those past problems or incidents.