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Rebuilding Our Foundation

2014 People first statewide gathering
People First...
rebuilding our foundation


May 30, 31, & June 1, 2014

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Click here for info for places and addresses for Monday 9/16 events

Califorina memorial project

11th Annual remembrance day

Monday, September 16th, 2013

ceremonies held at:

  • Agnews Historic Cemetery
  • Napa State Hospital
  • Metropolitan State Hospital
  • Patton State Hospital
  • Sonoma Developmental Center
  • Ukiah Valley Cemetery
  • Parkview Cemetery Manteca
  • Stockton Rural Cemetery

At 1:55 pm there will be a statewide moment of silence to honor those who died unrecognized at State Hospitals and Developmental Centers. By giving respect to people with developmental and mental disabilities who have died unrecognized we are honoring all of us.

If you have questions, please contact:

Disability Rights California
(916) 504-5800

People First of California, Inc.
(916) 552-6625

For more info about sites and times click on the Headstone to the left or here


“We are people first, our disability is second”


If you see us as equal, but different and do not include us in the decisions that affect our lives you will see us as your disabled client.


If you get out of our way and we have the opportunity to gather power and knowledge over OUR own lives we will become strong and successful.


New! Regional Map and Chapters Guide

State Map of Regions

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Region 5

Region 6

Region 7

Region 8

Region 9

Region 10

Region 11

Region 12

Region 13

Our goal is to serve you better, and help you find the support you need!

If you are seeking a People First Chapter in your area, simply open the state map of regions on the left, identify your region, and then open the corresponding list of chapters for that region. You can also print out the list!

People First Is


People First is an organization of People with developmental disabilities who are learning to work together on how to find their voice.

Using different tools such as peer mentoring, we discover our true identity by living, working, and making new friendships.

We embrace our rights and responsibilities that we meet each and every day when making decisions. These challenges strengthen our commitment to educate our neighbors on who we are.

People First is run BY and is FOR people with developmental disabilities

We learn:

  • To find our voices
  • To stand up for ourselves and our peers
  • Leadership skills
  • To run our own meetings
  • Our identity and history
  • To make system wide changes
  • To be involved in our local neighborhoods
  • How to make friends
  • To organize chapter functions and conventions
  • How the political system works
  • Respect and kindness for each other